How to Start Creating Content Your Audience Wants From You

Have you seen the tearjerker movie, “The Notebook” with Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams?

I love the scene where Gosling’s character Noah is standing next to McAdam’s at her car as she gets ready to leave him (again). McAdams’ character—Allie—is torn between choosing between Noah and marrying another man. Allie is having an “ugly cry” as Noah yells at her repeatedly: “What do YOU want; What do YOU want?”

Allie’s confusion and anguish are gripping as Noah demands just one simple answer. It’s powerful.

Confusion at the crossroads can be rough. We’ve all been there. Standing at a crossroads and being unsure of which route to take forces us to figure things out. It’s about where to start; where to begin. And where to go.

Starting a business isn’t all that difficult. STAYING in business can be hard. We’ve got the statistics to prove it.

Do you know what your customers WANT FROM YOU? Have you asked your clients the simple—but loaded—question Noah shouted in “The Notebook”: “What do YOU want?” And, are you listening for the clues or are you guessing?

Getting to “Want”

Today’s business world demands that we share meaningful information about what THEY –our customers—want. If you’re lucky, it will tie into your products and services.  For example, people are in pain with back and neck issues. You’re a chiropractor or wellness professional. Your knowledge and experience helps people function better both physically and emotionally. After all, when our bodies are hurting, our mental outlook feels the pinch, too.

Are you giving people who can buy from you interesting information to make their lives more enjoyable?

It’s not about what YOU want to give them. Flip the lens and ask your customers: WHAT DO YOU WANT???

Ask the question and listen carefully to the response. This is where you start.

The next step is super important. Deliver what your ideal audience wants from you. This is your content. It’s how people will see you online.

You’ll get people’s attention when you start talking about their concerns on a regular basis. Always be ready to offer solutions. How? With your knowledge, experience and content. Your content must make someone else’s life easier.  How do you start putting together the content that will get people’s attention and get them to trust you?


  • Write blog posts
  • Record a helpful short video
  • Jump on Facebook Live
  • Create an Instagram Story
  • Post an image on Pinterest
  • Record a podcast

This is the foundation of your online presence.

What do you want now? A plan to organize the different pieces so it’s easy for you to come up with specific topics to give your audience. This is how businesses grow.

Let’s start putting the road map together so you’re organized and not overwhelmed.

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