The Other Parts of Communication: Sing, Dance, Pray  

There is more to communication that writing blog posts and doing videos. Let’s celebrate, it’s Friday!  (1:58)

Transcript: Hi, it’s Susan. Here we are on the Front Porch for our Friday video.

Communication is a lot more than speaking, writing, blogging, making videos and hosting podcasts. We have the ability to communicate with prayer, with dancing, with singing and I think it needs to all come together underneath the umbrella of communication. We mustn’t just think about our communication as a way to express ourselves with the right words, the right introduction or the right story in business.

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When we take the time to sing, dance and pray –and pay attention to what’s happening around us—it affects the words that we put down in our blog, videos and podcasts. It all comes together in a special and different way. It enhances not only ourselves but the depth of our overall communication.

That’s my message for you today. To understand and explore that communication is also singing in the car really loud when you’re by yourself—belting out the Rolling Stones, The Who, my favorite Neil Young or Bruce Springsteen. That’s a form of communication and when I’m belting out “Thunder Road” from Springsteen in the car, all alone and I am hitting it like I’m in concert, let’s face it. That affects my being, my enthusiasm, you can see it here in the video, right? I’m excited. It’s one of my favorite songs.

So, do all of those things. Pay attention to the singing, to the dancing, to the prayers, everything that you do when you’re not in “business mode.” Things that you might be doing as a way of living your life and incorporate some of that into your business life, too, because it all comes full circle.

That’s it, my Front Porch video for today. Thanks for watching.

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