30 Energizing Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs Who Want Publicity

The most important communication you will ever have is the communication you have with yourself. Mental chatter guides your mood, energy and life. Is your self-talk purposeful? Does it bring renewed vitality to your business? Or is it time to change the recording—and shift your mindset?

As women, we tend to put our personal well-being on the back burner. Are you ready to give yourself a break? When I’m mindful of my mental chatter, it’s easier to lower the volume, which shifts my energy to a more positive space. The result: I’m in alignment with my true purpose of helping women business owners to shine and self-promote—not in an arrogant way! Unrelenting condemnation drains our energy and mires us in mediocrity. It keeps us from being our best.

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Self-promotion is one facet of business that makes many women feel uncomfortable. You’re probably confident of your expertise and offerings. Still, you’ll be able to reach new heights and attract more clients if you can easily connect with reporters and online influencers who can promote your business. Self-promotion and self-confidence are needed to position yourself as a trusted authority in your field. Let’s lower the volume on the harsh internal voice and replace it with positive—and gentler communication.

Here are 30 phrases to bolster your self-confidence—and attract publicity. As you will see, the words that follow “I am” are the breakthroughs to compassionate and empowering communication.

  1. I am knowledgeable and capable.
  2. I enjoy sharing my expertise and knowledge with others.
  3. I am visually brilliant!
  4. I am articulate and on-message.
  5. I am an outstanding communicator.
  6. My messages are brief, compelling and valuable!
  7. I am a trusted and credible business owner who is worthy of publicity.
  8. Reporters and influencers are always contacting me for interviews.
  9. I have plenty of time for PR!
  10. I am a strong charismatic communicator!
  11. I choose my words carefully and deliver messages with ease.
  12. I am a confident speaker with outstanding vocal habits!
  13. I am a top-notch communicator and writer.
  14. Writing is easy for me!
  15. I am creative.
  16. I enjoy drumming up new story ideas to promote my business.
  17. PR is fun and easy!
  18. I like following up with reporters!
  19. My words are magical; people are drawn to them!
  20. My business is worthy of publicity!
  21. I focus on helping others to solve their problems.
  22. I have all the skills and talents I need to promote my business!
  23. I can quickly and clearly pitch my story.
  24. I choose my words carefully.
  25. I am an excellent listener.
  26. I am a trusted news source!
  27. I have everything I need to market and promote my business.
  28. Reporters depend on me as a credible source for stories.
  29. I am a person of influence!
  30. PR opportunities surround me at all times!

When I use affirmations with emotion and conviction on a daily basis, I find the universe brings opportunities and abundance. What experiences have you had with positive and empowering self-talk? I invite you to comment below!