Are You Talking More Than Listening?

Hey there, it’s Susan, and welcome to Front Porch Videos. Glad you’re here with me today.

Several people in my Facebook group, Communication Nation, say they’re worried about their listening skills, so that’s the topic for today. (1:32)

(TRANSCRIPT) One of the members said to me privately that she’s a member of Toast Masters and does a lot of Facebook live videos. She says she’s always “talking, talking, talking.” But she really wants to improve her listening skills.


I discovered years ago that when we’re talking, we’re not learning anything new. We’re just repeating what we already know. When we stop and listen, use our ears and brains—and we engage with others—we’re learning from them.

So, what kind of balance do you have between speaking and listening? I think it’s really important, especially today when our minds are just all over the place, and we’re distracted. One of my guilty sins with this topic is that I tend to interrupt. That’s something I’ve been working on for a long time. I have to be aware of it. I always feel like I’ve got something to say, or can finish somebody else’s thought, but it’s really pretty rude to interrupt people. I’ve been working on that. I’ve been focusing a lot more on listening rather than speaking.

What’s your deal? Are you more of a talker? Are you more of a listener? Do you find that you’re also “an interrupter?” What do you need to work on? Add your comment below.

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