How Content Boosts Your Online Presence — and Income

Entrepreneurs know the “ABC” sales mantra, “Always Be Closing.”

I’m actually relearning my ABCs with a more important approach of “ABL”: Always Be Learning.

A commitment to ongoing learning will make you ABLE and CAPABLE. Able to learn what people want from you (services, products, expertise and offerings) and capable to always be closing. It’s all connected.

Anyone in business who is responsible for bringing in the bucks (making sales) must understand how to sell. Still, many entrepreneurs launch their businesses without fully knowing the psychology and communication that’s necessary to sustain a business that makes money. The closing is obviously important. But I want to focus on your willingness to learn.

We must be ABLE to work through the learning process until we can master a new skill.  Feeling inadequate and incompetent is frustrating. It drains our self-confidence.  We all want to feel capable and competent.

That’s what was rewarding for me after I did a Facebook Live a few days ago on “The 4 Kinds of Content You Should Be Using to Grow Your Business—But Probably Aren’t.”

Several people posted and thanked me for the info…this comment from Brenda, who owns a music school for children, was especially meaningful because of her appreciation of “ABL”– Always Be Learning:

“It’s important to get informed, to continue learning. I would like to give props to Facebook friend Susan Young and
She did a really great Live. I’m doing my homework, Susan, so I can better educate my families on the importance of instilling a sense of creativity and the benefits of incorporating music making into your daily lives. Thank you so much for your tips!!”

If you missed the Live program, click here to watch it…BUT know that in order to close one sale …or dozens…you must be open to learning.

That’s why I did the Live program for free. As business owners, we’ve got to have a clear understanding of what people want from us (the kinds of content and posts) and then be able to DELIVER.

So, check out the LIVE but more importantly, make a commitment to yourself to ALWAYS BE LEARNING. It’s not a one-time Live event, webinar or class. It’s ongoing, especially with today’s technology revolution.

Take the next step with me for content creation. Map out a plan that gives you the framework to KEEP GOING so you can feel more confident about your content, posts and videos. Savvy business pros know that their content increases their online presence. It brings shares, attention and influence.

That’s why I’m inviting you to sign up for: Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks.

The best part???

This program literally takes 1 HOUR a week…isn’t your business worth just 1 hour a week…4 hours in October? Of course, it is!! Look, if you’re not willing to commit to just 4 hours in October (with a simple Monday email and assignment, plus mid-week support and ideas from our community on Zoom) for content development that is DIRECTLY connected to increasing your paycheck and revenue…you may want to rethink your priorities.

The promises we make—and keep

I’ve taken this ongoing learning pretty seriously from the beginning of my own company 18 years ago. When resources and budgets were tight (OK, zero…) I looked at conferences and learning as an INVESTMENT, and not: “How much will this cost me?”

This mindset has been the single most important thing I’ve embraced and it’s what brought me lots of success and experiences beyond my wildest dreams.

I didn’t want to be cheap when it came to my learning; it’s simply WAY too important. And it still is. That’s why the price of this program is REDUCED for only a few more days…just $197.00.

I know you take your business and commitments seriously, too. It’s time to continue moving forward in 2018 and keep learning about content and customers. I was—and still am—willing to DO something—to take action and keep the promises I made to myself about learning. The question is: Are you??

Here’s the bottom line: Your content and posts are the way to build trust with your ideal customers.

I’ll show you how to create your content AND a road map so you can share it with people who can buy from you.

All I ask is you embrace the ABL attitude and Always Be Learning. Come along with me. Click here so you can start creating timely and valuable content that gets shares and attention. Your Kick-Ass Content Marketing Plan: Create Your Content and Calendar in 4 Weeks has all the shortcuts to increase your online voice and presence…and make more money. Believe me, learning the shortcuts in the program is SO MUCH EASIER than struggling to figure it out on your own.

4 hours in October is all it takes. Make the commitment now.

I created this program for you, the people who take promises seriously. Promise yourself you’ll ALWAYS BE LEARNING.  At least, check out the details now, before the special offer is gone on Friday, Sept. 28.