How to Stop Over-Apologizing

If you find yourself being over-apologetic, these easy tips can leave you feeling more empowered. Enjoy this week’s Front Porch video.  (1:51)

Transcript: Hi there, it’s Susan, and here we are on the Front Porch. It’s kind of a cloudy, drippy Friday. No over-apologizing here because we’ve gotten some much-needed rain here in San Antonio. I’m glad the weather is OK for us to be on the Front Porch to do this week’s video.

I want to talk with you today about over apologizing. I think that women tend to do this more than men. We apologize for lousy service in a restaurant, we apologize for lousy weather, we apologize because somebody else did something, things that we’re not even responsible for.

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When we’re able to flip our communication, we take the pressure off and forego the pitiful, “Oh I’m sorry that this happened” when it really wasn’t your fault. Even if it was your fault, you can just change the wording around a little bit and you’ll feel better because your language and tone will be more positive, not pathetic.

For example, you’re late in sending an email or getting to your parent’s house or sending a note to somebody for work. Instead of saying:  “I’m sorry….” You can say: “I appreciate your patience. Thanks for waiting for me. I’m here, let’s get started.” Or… “Here’s the document, I appreciate your patience.” You might also take responsibility and state: “I know this took a little bit longer; I’ve attached the document.” So, we can flip our communication without being pathetic with: “Sorry, I screwed up again, blah, blah, blah.”

So, that’s the message. Think about how you can flip the apologies, especially the ones that aren’t even necessary, and how you can be a more positive communicator. Also, check out my new Facebook group, called Communication Nation. It’s “all things communication”….whether it’s publicity, public speaking, content development and tips like this about interpersonal communication. All kinds of things to help you be more successful in your business career and also in your personal life.

Thanks for watching. I will see you next time on the Front Porch.


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