The Easy Solution to Writing Confusing Emails

Struggling on how to write clear emails and messages? This week’s Front Porch Video has an EASY solution for you! (1:30)

(Transcript) Hey there, it’s Susan Young. Time for another Front Porch Video.

Someone sent me a note saying they are struggling with how to write clear messages. They say that they’re emails have “mixed messages” that are confusing.

Here’s the solution. Take out your business card. Write your idea or your message on the back of it and if it doesn’t fit, rip it up and throw it out. Nobody is going to understand it if it’s not clear, compelling and concise.


If it’s not clear in your own mind, you’re not going to be able to communicate your message effectively and articulate it clearly to other people. So, if it doesn’t fit on the back of that card, go back and start wordsmithing and tweaking your idea. Make sure it’s clear in your mind first so that there’s no ambiguity in your language when you start to write or communicate.

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The community is growing quickly. So, check us out and share this with your friends and colleagues. I’ll see you in Communication Nation or next time for another Front Porch video.

Thanks for watching, bye for now.