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[Day 5] You know your content, Now what?

Day 5 – This is it. The final day. Over the past four days, you’ve taken several substantial steps to uncovering content ideas for your target customer.

First, you identified the RECIPIENT of your content. You know WHO your avatar is, her likes, dislikes, pain points, hobbies and habits. Knowing this allows you to tap into her needs and YOUR passion.

Then you wrote out and unleashed your gifts so you could understand the ROLE you could

play in touching your avatar’s life.

On Wednesday, you explored the many resources that are brimming with content ideas—in your niche. Your dug into conference agendas, blog posts, industry newsletters, and podcasts. You identified the buzz in your industry. Then you took another step and listed specific, timely topics that you are interested in, AND your avatar (ideal client) needs from you. You found RESULTS.

Then yesterday, BAM!!! You “filled in the blanks” to identify the results you get for your avatar (this is your SWEET SPOT). And, more fill in the blanks with snappy headlines just like the top magazine editors craft to grab people’s attention. You have used the 4-part formula that squarely puts you in the sweet spot of business—and your passion.

No worries if you haven’t gotten this all done. For now, it’s all still available in the Private Facebook Page and on the 5-Day Content Challenge on my website.

These simple steps are empowering. We’ve already seen people taking some amazing action steps.

But do you want the truth?

Most people will fail to live any differently even after they identify their content and ideal customer. 


Creating content—and delivering it—can be hard. You need intentional routines and boundaries to succeed. Otherwise, your editorial calendar becomes a lofty intention that gathers dust as other things of less importance push it to the back burner.

But you don’t have to fail. Living into your purpose and being the knowledgeable person who can help others is possible and can radically improve your life.

I’m living proof that you can reinvent yourself, regardless of how old you are or the missteps you may have taken. Trust me; I am the poster child for “I swore I’d never do that.”

After almost 15 years of working in all facets of on-air radio news reporting, state government and nonprofits, I took a leap of faith into entrepreneurship. That was 17 years ago. I was driven by a deep understanding of my purpose in life. I still have a foot in the news because it remains part of my purpose, but now I am living a more fulfilling life because I have tapped into my gifts and passion.

What’s your favorite book? One of mine is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I ALWAYS felt like I was Jonathan Livingston Seagull, I was curious, I wanted to fly higher than the other gulls to get a view from a fresh perspective. I wanted to truly feel like I had the freedom to work as hard as I wanted (or not) to reach heights that I could never have imagined. I felt trapped, never wanting to work in an office; there was more out there to spark my curiosity, to talk to people, to ask questions, to be in tune with the world around me. To learn, to help people.

To find out what I was TRULY made of, I had to get out of my own way. 

Don’t get me wrong; I loved working in radio news, in the Governor’s Office of Radio and TV, and doing PR for a non-profit. I had amazing experiences; I had interviewed everyone from homeless people to presidents. I met celebrities. I knew the news because I crafted and delivered the news. Still, the longer I worked for someone else, the more I felt like if I was working so damn hard, I could work hard for myself.  I could have the freedom to do what I SO enjoyed and make a difference in a fresh new adventure. Do you ever feel like you’re just not quite where you need to be? That was definitely me.

To put this in terms of what we’ve learned together over the last few days…too many of my gifts were on a tight leash that was choking me. And if you’re in that space too long, you will settle for mediocrity.

A few years after I left radio news, I brought one of my PR clients to WMTR/WDHA in New Jersey to be interviewed on a 30-minute talk show. This place was special to me; it was my final job in radio news. I had worked my way up (once again) from a street reporter to news director. I was nervously eager (and curious) to go back to my old stomping ground. Many of the same people I worked with were still there and greeted me warmly. I caught up with Marianne, (I did the news during her show for a couple of years) and we talked alone for a few minutes. She marveled at where I had been since leaving radio, practically reciting my life’s journey (kinda creepy): “Well Sue, you really made it, you got outta here, you worked for Governor Whitman, you did PR, you got married, have two kids and you have your own business. You drove up here in an Infiniti. And I’m still here playing the damn records. How did you do it; I could never do it.”

I glanced at the small window in the studio with the dusty blinds and responded: “These are blinds on the window, not bars. You can get out, too.”

So, what do you do?

Well, today I’m going to give you a quick 30,000-foot view of what it takes. Then, I’ll share one extremely easy life hack you can use every day to make small but consistent advances in fulfilling your purpose.


1 ) CONTENT-BASED BUSINESS.  Once you know your ideal prospect (avatar), you need a few pieces of content so you can connect emotionally with her. Without meaningful content are useless to your potential customers. They don’t care about your advertisements and spam crap. These days people despise stilted, one-sided messaging from companies that talk about how great they are. My five-year-old neighbor has never seen a commercial because all his parents do is DVR their TV shows, and watch Netflix and Hulu. You may have a good intention of wanting to help people with your products and services, but the messaging is completely off-balance.

At some point you’ve got to say, “Here’s what I am going to do about living in my sweet spot and doing what I love as a business leader…”

Your content doesn’t have to be a best-selling book or a YouTube sensation with millions of followers to be meaningful to large groups of people—heck, even the masses.

You don’t have to be a trained news reporter and get up at 4 AM in a snowstorm to anchor morning drive news like I did.

For example, my parents are in their 80s now, and I am extremely grateful to still have them in my life. They have given so much and sacrificed immensely for my sisters and me. I want to give back to them. I want to give them my time and attention. If I can help them in some small way—just taking them to appointments or a family holiday gathering (they don’t drive at night anymore—that’s GOOD news!) and yes, a fun getaway in nearby Atlantic City, that’s what I want to do. Help make things easier and enjoyable for them. I want no regrets. (Look closely and you’ll see the RECIPIENT, ROLE and RESULTS).

I am fortunate because I can leave San Antonio and stay at my parent’s house in New Jersey for several weeks at a time. I bring my laptop and can work from anywhere (I tried using the lingo “digital nomad”..I think they got it.)  When my Dad had a major heart attack two years ago, I got to New Jersey in six hours and stayed for three weeks while he recovered. While we’ve had some difficult health news about mom this year, I was able to stay at their house for six weeks this spring. I brought my laptop to weekly chemo treatments so I could be there. Some days we would just sit. Other days there was lots to do. And often, my mom would say, “Take the chair and go sit on the beach and relax. You need it.” Time is precious. And so are the memories. We took pictures (at the slot machine in the casino), we laughed at Mom’s wig. I often reached over to hold her hand while we were sitting around the house.  Me and Dad spent many innings shaking our heads (and fists) at the TV while the Yankees pitching went to hell in a handbasket. All good.

So, you don’t need crazy, epic goals (though you can and those are my favorite). It is wonderful to have the freedom to do what you enjoy most …things that are fulfilling that will bring you to new heights, understanding and (com)passion.


Once you’ve gathered your content ideas, you need solid daily routines to prevent procrastination and neglect from killing your goal.

I read a great quote yesterday, “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” So very true. Remember, routines are habits.

Without daily routines, here’s what happens to most goals. You write a goal on paper, make a New Year’s resolution or vow to make a big change. Most fall into the abyss within a few weeks. The beautiful thing is that you don’t need resolutions, and you don’t have to set goals on January 1st. All you have to do is DECIDE. And you can DECIDE on February 20, June 11 or October 4. You can DECIDE today, August 18, 2017. We all make promises to people—and keep them (hopefully!). What about the promises we make to ourselves? (Translation- the goals we set and never see through). Breaking promises to ourselves is most difficult in life. It drags us down.

Now, I have a systematic way to work on my goals around my content development every day. The best part is most of it takes just a few minutes. And a lot of it is fun and entertaining (like people watching for content). It can be a riot, especially in New Jersey!

ACTION STEP: For today’s action step, I’ll share with you one of the super easy components of my content search that can help you consistently discover great topics to write about…that tie in directly with your avatar.

First, let me interject this – You don’t need big and flashy action every single day. Think about the simple things you do, like stopping at the local coffee shop or picking up the dry cleaning. Easy steps that you already take—the secret is in paying closer attention to what’s happening around you. Listening in a new way, so you NEVER run out of content and ideas to share with your avatar. Imagine what your life would be like if you unleashed your attention—and gifts, today and every day.

You can pay attention, or pay the price of missing out on serving your ideal customer and changing her life—and yours.   

Content and stories that connect back to your business are all around you. The question is: Are you paying attention? Learning about this one “thing” has been life-changing for me, both professionally and personally. This is fun and it’s your SWEET SPOT.

Yes, it’s been life changing. When I look back over the year at the two books I’ve written and the hundreds of blog posts I’ve crafted since 2008, I have to pinch myself. The editorial calendar and the checklist of my DECISIONS are integrated. I’ve broken the pattern of “feast or famine” and gone for consistency and a full pipeline of content and ideas that are relevant to my avatar and enjoyable for me. I’m living in my sweet spot, and you can live in yours, too.

This is not an overwhelming big deal to maintain and grow. It’s just putting a few simple systems in place. And, taking time to celebrate the decisions you make to impact YOUR world and THE world.

ACTION STEP: Post in the private Facebook page one of the decisions/promises you have made to yourself around this Content Challenge that you could/would have done better. Fine-tune, celebrate and be accountable.

As you know, this is the last day of the 5-Day Content Challenge, BUT I know many of you are still working your way through the steps. Also, some of you are just getting started. I won’t leave you hanging. The materials will be available and I’ll track the private group for another week or so.

There are also still questions to be answered particularly after today’s post like:

  1. How do I create the content (often without writing a single word) so I can focus on my avatar and deliver the relevant information she needs and wants from someone with my knowledge?
  2. How do I sharpen my listening skills and pay closer attention to my avatar when I’m being pulled in SO many different directions EVERY SINGLE DAY (hour, minute…)
  3. What EXACTLY can I do as part of my daily routine to keep me on track?
  4. How do I make my content (avatar) a priority so other things—and people—don’t push it to the back burner?

If you want answers to these questions and are ready to be taken by the hand and shown the exact process, I can help.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a brand-new online course that will walk you through a proven step-by-step system for creating content that grabs people’s attention. The result: free publicity and word-of-mouth marketing that is priceless. You’ll be able to unleash your expertise and build your business to make a profound difference. It’s called, Create Remarkable PR Now.

It will be available for enrollment TODAY, Friday August 18th after our Master Class at 2 PM Central.  Stay tuned!

See you in class 😊


Susan Young

Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker

Named one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter’

PS: As usual, I’ll be live on Facebook today (Friday) at 8 PM Central/9 Eastern to go deeper into today’s email and answer any questions. Join me there.




Thursday’s Re-Cap- August 17, 2017 Top 10 Takeaways from the 5 Day Content Challenge:

Chatter and happenings in our Facebook group: 

  1. You’ve got to go to where your ideal client consumes content. Meet them where THEY are.
  2. Stick to what you know; it’s easier to write about what you know and enjoy.
  3. Content: We are sharing solutions, selling our expertise.
  4. Newsjacking and how to create news when there is no news.
  5. Think, “What am I busy with, is it adding to my productivity?”
  6. Communication tip for work and home: “Know when to speak up, know when to shut up.”
  7. Surround yourself with positive energy and people.
  8. “It’s not inappropriate to be happy.” – Tony Robbins
  9. Our attention span is 8 seconds – shorter than that of a goldfish.
  10. Clarity is a beautiful thing.


I’m so excited to be hanging out with you on Friday to talk about Killing Your Content Challenge.

We’re doing the free Master Class on Friday, Aug. 18 @ 2PM Central/3 PM Eastern.  

I decided to jump in your inbox today and drop you a little reminder just in case you forgot (life gets busy, ya know?)…AND most important, here’s the link to Zoom so you can easily access the class:

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Mark your calendar for Friday at 2 PM Central! If you haven’t already make sure to take a moment RIGHT NOW to put a quick reminder on your phone—I promise you’re not going to want to miss this.




Morning Email Assignment for Thursday 8/17

DAY 4, The BIG Day – Crafting headlines (the easy way)

Good morning,

Okay, so today is the BIG day where you’re going to be zeroing in on the hot-button topics and trends that your prospects and customers want you to deliver. Your list will be crystal clear AND fulfilling because it feeds your passion and stirs your heart. Most importantly, it’s actionable.

If you’ve been following the exercises, then this is most likely going to be a snap. If not, you seriously need to go through identifying your RECIPIENT, ROLE, AND RESULTS. Why? Your expertise, niche and “sweet spots” are where these three elements overlap…literally.

Complete this sentence:

I believe I am here to help ______(recipient)_______, by__________(role)____________, so that


I can almost hear two discordant thoughts going off in your head right now. One is: “You’ve got to be kidding me it can’t be that simple and formulaic.” But I am telling you writing your content statement is truly that straight forward. Hundreds of people have used this formula to find a clear, actionable direction for their business…and life.

Let me show you my example 

I believe I am here to help women entrepreneurs by sharing my PR and news experience so that you can create content that attracts business.

Okay, here’s the other one: “But I have a bunch of recipients and a bunch of gifts. So, I can list a bunch of content topics and ideas for my avatar (ideal customer), but now what???”

Here’s what you need to realize: The angst you are feeling about “putting yourself out there as an authority in your field” by addressing the hot topics you’ve been uncovering this week is driven by a myth. Most of us struggle with this belief and it’s unnecessary. The myth is this…We have a misguided idea that our businesses—and lives—are wrapped up in a perfect pretty gift box with a stunning ribbon on top. Everything is neat and all together. One big editorial calendar that you follow like orders from your surgeon. We are led to believe (often on Fakebook) that we’re competing with Wonder Woman—and we are sub par individuals whose struggling lives have been exposed to the masses. Consider this: There aren’t many people in the world like Gandhi or Mother Teresa, who lived with a sole clear purpose in life.

Years ago, my accountant—who owns his business—gave me his definition of an entrepreneur:

I’m a self-employed individual working for a lunatic.

Here are two reasons you should give yourself a break, let go of that angst and simplify “stuff.” You have an opportunity to work in your SWEET SPOT. This is in your core—the place where your innate talents and skills overlap with the information (products and services) people need from you. Once you unleash these gifts, you’ll quickly see how your expertise and dreams benefit the common good. YOU SIMPLY CAN’T GO WRONG. You will be helping others to ease their challenges and problems. AND, you’ll be honoring your talents so that you can enjoy the freedom of having more time and being with family and friends, doing things you truly enjoy.
The other reason you need to move away from the overwhelm is that your content—and clients—are always changing. As we have witnessed over the past 10 years, stagnant brands, technologies, mindsets—and people —can quickly become obsolete. You can—and should—reinvent yourself from time to time.
Seriously, look at Cher, Brittney Spears, Angelina Jolie and Robert Downey, Jr.

If celebrities in the public spotlight can do it, certainly we can shift gears, too! If what you create in the 5-Day Content Challenge doesn’t feel quite right in a few months or in 2018, revisit and re-write the plan. I can practically guarantee that even as you’re getting started today, your life is already better for whatever time you have invested. I know you have learned a lot.

Also, keep in mind that opportunities and needs are going to shift. Your gifts are going to flourish. And, you’re going to need to rethink some things. This Content Challenge goes deeper than just identifying your avatar and bookmarking some websites.

I cannot imagine not sharing my gifts, insights and “practical tools” with people like you. I hope this relieves some of the pressure and angst (if you had any). Now, let’s dive in and write some kick-ass headlines. I encourage you to trust this process. The formula is tried and true.


Connect with what matters most to you before writing.
Complete and review your RECIPIENT, ROLE, and RESULT. Who is your ONE avatar, how can your talents and gifts (your role) be unleashed to help this person. Then, review the condensed list of hot topics and trends from Wednesday’s assignment. Focus is essential. Don’t rush and don’t overthink things. There is beauty in brevity.

Here’s what I mean…

The magazines below offer headlines month after month (and year after year) that are scientifically proven to spark emotion and move readers to take action. There are only a few words in each but word wields power, separately and together. Use some of these headlines (ignore the overly explicit or mildly offensive…) and you replace your “hot topics” into the headlines.


***Here’s an example of how I used his tactic. I looked at a Seventeen magazine and came up with this: gem:

*****Notice below there were 28 comments on this post. Eight people, including reporters, contacted me asking if they could use the post in their newsletter, on their website, etc.

Okay, so what happens when all of this is REALLY pulled together??

The precious gems in the treasure chest of content will be covered on Friday, 8/18 in my free Master Class. It’s at 2PM Central/3PM Eastern. IT’S ONLY OPEN TO ALL OF YOU IN THE CONTENT CHALLENGE, and you’ll find out why. There are special bonuses and essentials for your “next steps”—essential for wrapping things up. I’ll send the Zoom link on Thursday, so watch your email. (It will be posted in our FB group and on the website, too)

Now, do you see how the view from 30,000 feet on Monday seems SO simple on Thursday?

Who needs angst, please…have fun!



Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker

Named one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter’


Wednesday’s Re-Cap- August 16, 2017 Top 10 Takeaways from the 5 Day Content Challenge:

Chatter and happenings in our Facebook group: 

  1. Congratulations to Carol Crawford Walker, the winner of the birthday gift: a one-hour free coaching session (with me, doh!). Happy to talk about anything PR!
  2. Deb Evans’ brave endeavor testing the waters with LinkedIn video…and check out her 7-year-old podcast, Social Geek Radio.
  3. Set your role as the expert in your field.
  4. 4. Pay attention to the twists, turns and trends in your niche.
  5. Conferences in your industry are a great resource for easy titles trending news.
  6. Thursday’s topic and assignment: Sweet Spots!
  7. Video readiness!  Just show up, be yourself.
  8. Mark your calendars for Friday, Aug. 18—2 PM Central/3 PM Eastern: An EPIC Mastermind class on Zoom – Free and open only to Create Content Challenge Peeps! (I swear, the link is coming!)
  9. Remember your “recipient”…your avatar.
  10. Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.


Facebook Live video Recap Wed. 8/16 



Greetings, all,

My birthday is exactly one month away…so I’ve decided to give you guys a gift!  Always a reason to celebrate…!

Please send me the month and day of your birthday (forget the year, I’m SO over it!) and if your birthday is closest to mine, without going past it (Sept. 16)…there will be a prize (valued at $125) announced in tonight’s live Facebook session.

All you have to do is:

·       Send me an email with your birthday (month and day only) to: Send it before 7:30 Central Tonight AND, if you’re on Facebook, post it in our group on the birthday thread.

·       Join the FB live session at 8 PM Central tonight or tune into the recorded version here and I’ll announce the winner.

·       I’ll  also announce the winner on Friday, 8/18 in the freebie MASTER CLASS  -2 PM Central. Details coming tomorrow.

Remember the prize is worth $125. Jump into our Facebook group now and share!

Sending birthday wishes to all of us,


(Yep, that’s me! )







WED. 8/16/2017 DAY 3 MORNING EMAIL ASSIGNMENT: Please scroll down for past videos, morning email assignments and re-caps!  Tuesday’s recap is underneath this video.   (FACEBOOK LIVE TONIGHT 8PM CENTRAL!)

 Going granular, but will it work?

Hello, Content Challenge Friends,

Over the last couple of days, we took a deep dive into two of the three core components of content creation: your RECIPIENT and your ROLE. In short, who will benefit from your expertise (your avatar, ideal customer) and what expertise and talents do you have (shareable via your content) to help your avatar sleep easier at night.

Day 3 is all about Making an Impact with Your Content.

Yesterday you spent time finding lots of places on the web that cover the buzz in your industry.  You’ve identified—and bookmarked—websites, trade publications, podcasts, conferences and blogs that contain the secrets to your content.

I can imagine looking at the list may be overwhelming, especially for “nonwriters.” No worrries; you’ll only use a portion of what you’ve discovered. Even better, you can use ONLY the specific topics and ideas that YOU really enjoy. In other words, stick to what you know!  It’s so much easier to write when you enjoy the subject. If you aren’t thrilled, every sentence will be a struggle. Think back to 8th grade, you know what I mean! Another advantage to this system is that you’ll be reading and keeping up on all the new developments and trends in your industry, an easy way to expand your own learning.

A quick precursor to today’s assignment. Are you familiar with Simon Sinek’s book and TED Talk, “Start with Why”? It’s about making the why you do what you do the primary driver in marketing and building your business around it. WHAT you do addresses the logical part of your brain, but we are looking to the emotional connection of WHY you do what you do. I encourage you to invest 18 minutes of your time (after this assignment!) and watch Sinek’s TED Talk.

DAY 3: YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Let’s continue to break things down into bite-size nuggets that you can put into action right away. Topics that you are excited about, enjoy and can share. Today, we look to RESULTS…specific topics you can cover and the results your audience wants someone to provide (that someone is YOU!)

Part 1: Remember back in 8th grade when you had to write an outline in social studies? Now, you’ll review Tuesday’s notes on influencers, conferences and blogs to create an outline with specific topics and ideas.

  1. Write down 3 main categories that your industry is buzzing about. What are most of the bloggers, speakers and reporters all talking about? Which topics are THE most important and relevant? Label this as Category 1.
  2. Review the list again and identify secondary topics and trends that are all over social media and conferences. Label this as Category 2.
  3. Do it one more time with third tier topics that aren’t as urgent or interesting. Label this as Category 3.

Part 2: (Grab a few different colored highlighters, I know you LOVE lists…)  

Step 1: Use a highlighter to mark the topics and ideas you already know about and, with just a little research or new info, can easily do a “brain dump.” The brain dump can be in the form of a polished written blog post, a slide deck or a short video.

Again, non-writers, don’t panic. There are ways to create tons of content without writing a single word. We’ll cover that in tonight’s FB Live session at 8 PM Central. If you’re not on Facebook, the recorded session will be here:

Step 2: Use a different color highlighter to identify at least 3 more topics you’re interested in and could explore.

Step 3: Go through the list one more time with a different color highlighter to mark the topics you know you need to learn about…in the next 2-3 months,

Step 4: Finally, cross off the topics you don’t care for at this moment.

Step 5: (optional) You may want to create a new, cleaner colored-coded list that is easy to peruse.

That’s it for Day 3. I’ll see you on Facebook Live tonight to review the lesson and answer questions about your RESULTS.  If you’re not a Facebook user, you can access any of the challenge materials using this link

Tomorrow is going to be FUN and shorter, we’ll be working with some of your favorite magazines…!

AND…on Friday afternoon, there’s a FREE Master Class with BIG news to wrap things up. (Will send link soon, promise!)

Rocking the Content Challenge,


Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker

Named one of the ‘Top 75 Badass Women on Twitter’

PS: Once again, here’s the link to get in the Limited Time Private Facebook Group.


DAY 2 CONTENT CHALLENGE FB LIVE VIDEO RECORDING 8/15/2017. Please scroll down for past videos, morning email assignments and re-caps!  Tuesday’s recap is underneath this video.   


TUESDAY 8/15: Top 10 Takeaways from the 5 Day Content Challenge:

Chatter and happenings in our Facebook group: 

  1. Getting to know your avatars: Heather, Linda, Becca and Matt..and Kate Green! Shall we get nametags?


  1. “Everything you’ve been providing has been great! I’m understanding the importance of research.” – Jannette Ropeta


  1. “Set the table before you sit down to eat.” -SY


  1. B2B vs B2C – Who is your customer?


  1. Use Google Alerts (free) to keep up with trends and news in your industry. And, Deb Evans says she also uses Social Mention.


  1. Professional and personal development recommendations: Kimberly Guilfoyle’s book, “Making the Case”, Jen Sincero’s book, “You’re a Badass” and follow Kate Northrup.  


  1. The only piece of content you are guaranteed will be read is the headline.


  1. Look at the topics of workshops and webinars in your niche. They solve people’s problems. (We’ll be talking headlines on Thursday with a FUN assignment!)


  1. Welcome to several members of the Cypress Mastermind Group.


  1. Mark your calendars for Friday, Aug. 18—2 PM Central/3 PM Eastern: An EPIC Mastermind class on Zoom – Free and open only to Create Content Challenge Peeps!




Good morning,

Can you believe you’re already on your way to creating tons of content? I am getting fired up as I see women business leaders taking action.

Yesterday, we talked about tapping into your ideal customer by identifying the RECIPIENT of your content. One person, not an entire demographic. Think Elizabeth Gilbert.  I want to applaud everyone who took action and posted about your avatar in the Facebook Group. You rock AND you are inspiring.

Today is Day 2 of our Challenge. It’s time to Unleash Your Expertise.

Have you ever seen something unleashed? My dog Wally (See below—isn’t he adorable?!) loves our yard, but there’s a fence. The dog park, of course, is another story. I take the leash off (it’s like winning the Doggie Lottery to Wally), and he takes off like a speeding bullet. It’s his time to run without a leash—with other dogs—like Bruce and Gracie. They bolt around trees and run circles for hours on end! I get exhausted just watching; their energy is incredible!

When Wally’s at the dog park without his leash, he personifies ultimate joy. Why?  He is outdoors where he was meant to be, untethered and running free in the fullness of simply being a dog. He’s fully in the moment.

Well, today is the day we begin to unleash your natural talents and abilities. You have the opportunity to share your talent with people who need your expertise, products and services.

Think of it like this: You spend a lot of time shopping for an ideal gift for someone special. It’s beautifully wrapped and ready to go…but you leave it in the closet and never give it to that favorite person.

If you have the gift—and we ALL do—you must share it. You’re not doing the world any good by keeping your gifts to yourself. Your gifts and talents aren’t solely for your personal enjoyment. They play a critical role in how you serve others.

Think of your gifts as the “ROLE” you play in the lives of your RECIPIENTS. Yesterday, you distilled your ideal client, breaking down key traits of what makes her tick so you can share your gifts with this one person. You have the power to make someone’s life easier.

Your expertise…and their sleep

You’re in this Content Challenge because you own (or work in a business field) that nourishes your talents.

How does this connect to content? When you have deep knowledge of the pain points of your prospects and “speak their language” with buzzwords, they will be receptive to your posts and videos. People will appreciate your willingness to share. Many will eventually buy from you or refer business.

So…what do people want from you that you’re not providing? What are the hot-button trends and topics?  What is keeping your ideal audience/avatar up at night?


You will likely need Google for this…

  • Write down at least 5 professional trade associations that are influential and BIG in your field.
  • Write down the names/websites of at least 7 online and traditional publications, magazines, newsletters, websites, podcasts, video channels etc. that cover your avatar/ideal audience. Think B-to-C.
  • Write down the names of at least 7 leaders, competitors, authors, movers and shakers, influencers, respected speakers and bloggers in your niche.
  • Now…write down at least 3 industry conferences, conventions, expos (or webinars) that always attract top professionals in your industry. Where are people hanging around and networking?

Next…. We’re digging deeper.

  • Pick 2 from each list above and visit their blogs and websites.
  • Write down the last 5 topics they have written about or covered in the past 30 days.
  • Referring to No. 4 above (conferences), go to the websites promoting at least three upcoming conferences (or ones that just passed in the last 30 days.) Review—and take notes on the workshops, keynotes and breakout session topics. What are top speakers covering? What are the titles and themes of the sessions? What are the bullet points (“You will learn”, takeaways) from key sessions? What are the keywords that keep popping up?
  • (OPTIONAL) You can go a deeper by looking at the websites of speakers and trainers from the conferences. With your detective cap on, poke around their blog or website and jot down the hot button topics they’ve been covering.

This completes Day 2 of the Content Challenge. I’ll be LIVE on Facebook at 8:00 PM CENTRAL/9 EASTERN tonight reviewing the lesson and answering questions about your ROLE as an expert.

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Monday’s Re-Cap- August 14, 2017 Top 10 Takeaways from the 5 Day Content Challenge:

Chatter and happenings in our Facebook group: 

  1. Seems the No. 1 Struggle around content is: writing, consistency, video, and maximizing (monetizing) opportunities.


  1. Loving the friendly folks (you guys/y’all) as I’ve already seen some people talking about referring business and striking up conversations with those in similar fields or locations.


  1. Assignment 1- Your avatar: comments from Live: “thought provoking,” “the templates were helpful,” “ I already am seeing the importance of knowing that person to be able to direct my content accordingly, ” ”This was a great exercise.”


  1. And this comment got several reactions: “I found that avatar looked a lot like me!” -Content Challenger Danielle Hoover (and our group admin!!)


  1. We’re not sneaky snake-oil salesmen. “No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.”– Jeffrey Gitomer


  1. Don’t try to learn ALL the technology and platforms. Know your ideal client/avatar and where they are online. Know HOW they consume content and meet them there. It’s not about where YOU are comfortable, it’s all about your prospect.


  1. “Ask your clients: What’s the best way to communicate with you?” – Content Challenger Wendy Bowser


  1. Have the self-confidence to self-promote. It’s essential in business.


  1. “We do have something that will make life better for people. Reporters and our clients.” —  Content Challenger Colette Davenport


  1. No excuses; we have all the resources, but are you resourceful?


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MONDAY 8/14/2017 AND WE’RE OFF! 

Day 1: Email and assignment:

Greetings and welcome!

It’s finally time—the 5-Day Content Challenge starts TODAY! And in just five days you’ll know the topics that your ideal audience struggles with and how YOU can deliver relevant and captivating content.

  • Each day, I’ll send an email first thing in the morning (7 AM Central/8 AM Eastern).


  • In the evening, we’ll meet on Facebook Live in our private group. I’ll answer any questions you have, and you’ll interact—and learn from—the women dynamos who are part of our Challenge!


  • Our first Facebook Live gathering is today, Monday at 8:00 PM Central/9 PM Eastern. There will be a Live session in the group every night this week at the same time. A SPECIAL Masterclass will be held Friday at 2PM Central. Details and a link to follow!   


  • We have participants from all over the world, so to help manage time zones and convenience, each session will be recorded. Each recording will be available on this special page on my website. It’s also for folks who are in the Challenge but don’t use Facebook. All the videos and lessons will be here. You’ll be able to comment, leave wins, struggles and support. This is going to be fun!

Please don’t keep this content training a secret—feel free to pass it along at ANYTIME so other women entrepreneurs and business leaders can learn, too!

First things first. Here’s a quick outline of the Challenge and what you’ll be doing the next few days: And today’s assignment follows…

  • The short assignment in the morning email will move you closer to discovering the content your ideal clients are craving.


  • By Thursday, you’ll have the exact steps to identify pain points, trending issues in your niche and how to craft attention-grabbing headlines for your content.


  • This 5-day event ends with a BANG and a FREE Masterclass webinar on Friday 8/18/2017 at 2PM Central/3 PM Eastern (no evening Live session or assignment).  You will be holding in your hand a clear roadmap of content that is exciting and actionable. You’ll be excited and ready for the next step!   Save the date and I’ll send details and a link soon.


This is essential—please don’t skip it!  You must keep this front of mind: I’ll teach you how to be the solution. You won’t be using blog posts, articles, videos, or newsletter content to “sell” anything…but you will have the capacity to make a significant difference in your market and make more money.  Everything dovetails off of the simple phrase, “Be the solution.”

Tapping into Your Ideal Customer. These are the recipients of your content. Let’s look at the distinct clues that point to your target audience.

You must have a thorough understanding of your ideal client or customer.  Notice that this is SINGULAR. Break down your ideal audience into ONE (special) person by creating a “buyer persona.” Get to know this individual like you would a sibling or best friend. When you produce personalized content, everyone will feel special, like you are talking directly to them. Consider the book, “Eat, Pray Love.” When I read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, her words resonated with me. I found myself laughing out loud at several points; I felt an emotional connection as if Gilbert was speaking directly to ME. Of course, millions of other readers felt the same way because the book was a best-seller. The secret sauce was that Gilbert’s words were magical because they resonated with so many readers. She made every ONE feel special.

Monday’s Assignment: Create a buyer persona, similar to a profile you would post on social media.  When you think about “being the solution,” break it down to solving one person’s problem or pain. Who is this individual?

Let’s say your target audience is young women ages 18-to-25. Today’s exercise is easy and fun and is VERY important. Please read this entire email BEFORE COMPLETING THE TEMPLATE BELOW. (A copy of the templates will be in our FB group this morning.)


ACTION STEP: Consider some or all of the following points so you can ultimately create content and share information that this one person will “absolutely have to read.”

  1. Assign her an age.
  2. Determine her level of education.
  3. Think about the region and country where she resides.Does she live with others or alone? Does she own or rent? Is she a college student?
  4. Identify her likes and dislikes. Does she binge-watch on Netflix or constantly listen to iTunes or Spotify? Which social media channels does she prefer? Does she loathe or love tattoos and piercings? Consider her friendships, online shopping habits, favorite sports teams, foods, hobbies, clothing and political affiliations.
  5. Understand how she consumes information. Does your buyer prefer BuzzFeed, The Wall Street Journal, The Skimm or Huffington Post? Does she favor online tutorials, podcasts, YouTube, memes or written blog posts?
  6. Consider how she spends her time.Does your person enjoy the outdoors or a gym membership? Does she stay up late? Does she journal?
  7. Think about those closest to her.Is she family-minded? Does she have a significant other or partner? Does she have pets? Does she have a lot of friends?
  8. Get clear on her aspirations.Does she work (or plan to work) in a corporate setting, remote job or part of the gig economy? Is she a spender or a saver? Is she a risk-taker?
  9. List her social values.Is she an animal lover, a former Girl Scout, a volunteer at the local food pantry or an annual participant in a 5K race for autism? Does she litter? Does she vote?
  10. Focus on your person’s concerns and challenges. What keeps her up at night? What worries her? What scares her?

Now find a picture of this individual in LL Bean, Cosmo or a Kohl’s flier so you have a face. Finally, give her a name (Lexie, Brittney, Rebecca….?). Now you know EXACTLY who you’re speaking to, what she may need from you and how to deliver the content.
Consider this example, too: 

I’ll be covering more on this during our LIVE Facebook training this evening! So, join us at 8 PM CENTRAL/9 EASTERN. I’m thinking the Live sessions will be 15-20 minutes or so.

If you’re not on Facebook, click here to access the buyer persona template and the recorded video at night. 

That’s it, Day 1 is in the books. Just head over to Facebook and leave a comment on today’s assignment in our group.

PS: It’s not too late to invite a friend (we’ll play catch up without a hitch!)  Research has shown that when we are accountable to another person, we increase our chances of success. Just send this link:



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