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Hello, PR Challenge Friends,

Over the last couple of days, we took a deep dive into how to figure out what is newsworthy (relevant and timely) to your customers…and the reporters who can bring your story to them.

Day 3 is all about Tips and Techniques.   

Yesterday you learned the importance of paying attention and uncovering information by asking powerful questions.

By now, you should have a list of potential (relevant and timely) content ideas for your area of expertise.

Today, we’ll cover the importance of HOW to deliver your content to prospects and reporters. You must think in “sound bites” and nuggets. Remember, we are bombarded with information and messages, so bullet points and skimming are essential.

In today’s world, you cannot exist online without content. If you don’t have content (blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.) you don’t have a business.

Let’s talk tip sheets. Write blog posts and articles that are:

  • Reader-friendly
  • Easy to skim
  • Have valuable takeaways

Think of it this way: Your target audience has a pain (challenge/problem) and you are the solution with the magic pill or band-aid to make them feel better.

You’re not selling; you’re solving problems.  This is what customers—and reporters—want; the question is: Are you delivering it?

**REFER TO THE  TEMPLATE BELOW so you can “copy” my template and simply plug in your own specifics. **

DAY 3, YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Connecting the dots.

On Monday, I talked about how to flip your communication. Here’s an example that pulls it all together with a tip sheet.

Let’s say you’re a professional organizer and you just wrote your first book. You worked your butt off and want to promote it. Don’t write a press release with the “news” that you wrote a book and here’s the Amazon link so people can buy it.

Instead, do this: Identify one chapter that speaks to the “pain” of your ideal audience. Maybe it’s the chapter titled, 7 Ways to Unclutter Your Kitchen.

Following the tip sheet template above, write a press release or blog post with the same title and offer bullet points.

Tip 1: Sort the mail every day. Follow it up with 1-2 lines about not leaving mail on the kitchen counter.

Tip 2: Put away chargers, phones and keys. Again, follow it up with a suggestion on having a charging station or key rack to keep things organized.

After the bullet points, include a sentence about your new book and a link to buy it.

 NOW…go back to your list of hot topics and trends in your niche and industry. Pick a topic to write about—tip sheet style—and work on a rough draft! Just use the template above to plug in your expertise.

That’s it for Day 3. I’ll see you on Facebook Live tonight to review the lesson and answer questions about your tips and techniques! If you’re not a Facebook user, you can access any of the challenge materials using this link:

Tomorrow is going to be FUN, I’ll give you fill-in-the-blank headlines that you can use right away to create content in ANY niche or market!

Rocking the PR Challenge,


PS: On Friday afternoon, there’s an EXCLUSIVE Master Class (no cost!) with BIG news and GIFTS to wrap things up. (Will send the link soon, promise!)



­­­­6 Ways to Repurpose Old Blog Content

Here’s a shortcut for creating new content. Don’t be quick to delete old posts or articles. Often, minor tweaks and a refreshed format will bring additional traffic to your website.

First, go back and identify content that you want to salvage. Peruse your posts to make sure you can q­quickly revise most of the content.

Once you determine the material you’d like to modify, consider these six tips for repurposing:

  1. Turn your post into a Slideshare deck. Visuals are the hot trend in 2017 so pull a few highlights from your written post and transform it into a snappy deck. Smart Tip: Don’t use stock photos. Start building your personal library of pictures and images. That’s what cell phone cameras are for, right?
  2. Create an e-book. If you’re a regular blogger with six months under your belt, you should have more than 50 posts. Include a mix of older content and newer posts. Smart Tip: Hire a Virtual Assistant and/or graphics pro to pull everything together.
  3. Produce a free ‘Special Report’ in a PDF format. Using three of your most popular posts, reformat the text, and update as needed. Use the new PDF as an opt-in on your site for list building and inbound marketing. Smart Tip: Stick to one theme or topic.
  4. Broadcast on Periscope or Facebook Live. Post a video or live broadcast based on your written content. Smart Tip: When appropriate, add captions as many viewers today keep their volume down and appreciate the onscreen text.
  5. Offer to guest post. Pitch a fresh version of your content to a respected leader in your industry. Smart Tip: Determine the preferences of the person you are pitching. Ask about word count, deadline, bio box, and images.
  6. Transform your post into a bylined article for a trade publication and pitch it to an editor. Smart Tip: Before spending an enormous amount of time reworking your piece, first pitch the topic with a few bullet points to gauge interest. Editors may want long-form content with a particular angle.

One important note when repurposing content: Check all links to be sure they are not dead-ends.

Your blog is a business development AND marketing tool. It’s time to get creative!



Good morning,
Can you believe you’re already on your way to “thinking like a reporter?” When you know what news decision makers want to cover, you’ll be a media darling..and a business superstar! I love it when women take decisive action and want to learn! Congratulations and a happy dance to you!
Let’s take a step back for a moment.
Yesterday, we talked about flipping your communication and knowing what journalists (and your ideal prospects) want from you. They don’t want self-serving promotional material that belongs in the sales department with a paid ad. As an entrepreneur, it’s your job to earn the trust of reporters by offering them solid news stories that connect emotionally to their audience. You’ll gain instant credibility and be able to use free press to get more clients and make more money.
Today is Day 2 of our Challenge. It’s time to Ask Quality Questions.
Working in news has its benefits. One thing that most people don’t realize –that I enjoyed as a reporter—was that I got to ask people questions (in interviews) and I never had to have any answers. I got paid to ask questions. Quite a concept.
Over the years, I have learned that if you want quality information, you must ask quality questions, It’s especially true in business. News reporters, lawyers, psychiatrists and sales professionals are who really good at what they do understand the art of tapping emotions with powerful questions that keep us riveted and engaged. Think Oprah, Law and Order, Howard Stern, and Barbara Walters.
Let’s unleash your curiosity—and questions. Have you ever seen something unleashed? My dog Wally (see below—isn’t he adorable?!) loves our yard, but there’s a fence. The dog park, of course, is another story. I take the leash off (it’s like winning the Doggie Lottery to Wally), and he takes off like a speeding bullet.
No, Wally doesn’t ask questions but he’s intrigued with everything! He runs without a leash—with other dogs—like Bruce and Gracie. They bolt around trees and sniff all kinds of things for hours on end! I get exhausted just watching!
When Wally’s at the dog park without his leash, his senses are heightened and he’s thrilled with simply being a dog. He’s fully in the moment. He’s paying attention. Well, today is the day you can begin to unleash your curiosity and discover newsworthy topics that can get you publicity. Most are right under your nose.
Back to the questions
When you pay attention and “check things out,” you become intrigued and begin to ask insightful questions. The problem is that we are constantly distracted.
Think about it: If Oprah got distracted during interviews, she would have likely missed small windows of opportunities to ask questions that ultimately led her to Emmy awards and achievements in her field.
Bottom line: What content and issues are your competitors and clients talking about (and clamoring for) that you’re missing? How can you “be the solution” and position yourself as the authority in your niche?
You’re in this PR Challenge because you own a business that can help people overcome their challenges and problems. You are the solution. This mindset will get you publicity because you’re talking about issues that affect the public (relevant) and timely (trends). Reporters work fast; you must follow the pace.
So…what do people want from you that you’re not providing? What are the hot-button trends and topics? What is keeping your ideal audience up at night?
You will likely need Google for this…
1) Write down at least 2 professional trade associations that are influential and BIG in your field.
2) Write down the names/websites of at least 3 online and traditional publications, magazines, newsletters, websites, podcasts, video channels etc. that cover your ideal audience..
3) Write down the names of at least 3 leaders, competitors, authors, movers and shakers, influencers, respected speakers and bloggers in your niche.
4) Now…write down at least 3 industry conferences, conventions, expos (or webinars) that always attract top professionals in your industry. Where are people hanging around and networking?
NOW…. We’re digging deeper and asking questions. Poke around—and bookmark—a few of the websites from the list above.
Ask yourself:
1. What are the trending topics from the last 5 days? 30 days?
2. What are the buzzwords and keywords that keep popping up?
3. What topics are speakers covering in webinars, conferences and keynotes?
4. What are the themes and takeaways from conference breakout sessions (Look for the “You will learn” bullet points on conference agendas and programs)
5. What are the online influencers in your niche (or your competitors) writing about on their blogs?
This completes Day 2 of the Content Challenge. I’ll be LIVE on Facebook at 7:00 PM CENTRAL/8 EASTERN tonight reviewing the lesson and answering questions…about quality questions!
If you’re not on Facebook, access all the assignments and recorded videos on my website. Use this link: 
On we go,


It’s finally time—the 5-Day PR Challenge starts TODAY! And in just five days

you’ll know to get publicity and attract more clients so that you can build your business and make more money.

  • Each day, I’ll send an email first thing in the morning (7 AM Central/8 AM Eastern).


  • In the evening, we’ll meet on Facebook Live in our private group. I’ll answer any questions you have, and you’ll interact—and learn from—the women dynamos who are part of our Challenge!


  • Our first Facebook Live gathering is today, Monday at 7:00 PM Central/8 PM Eastern. There will be a Live session in the group through Thursday. On Friday afternoon, join me for a SPECIAL EXCLUSIVE MASTER CLASS for PR Challenge folks ONLY. There will be several gifts for you and a big announcement. (Watch your inbox for details and a Zoom link).




First things first. Here’s a quick outline of the Challenge and what you’ll be doing the next few days: And today’s assignment follows…


  • The short assignment in the morning email will move you closer to discovering fresh opportunities to get publicity around your expertise and business. The best news is you’re not “hard-selling” anything and more people will want to buy from you.


  • By Thursday, you’ll have the exact steps to identify stories and news worthy of PR for your clients and the reporters who cover your niche. You’ll also discover how to (easily) craft attention-grabbing headlines for your content.


  • On Friday’s wrap-up, you will be holding in your hand a clear roadmap of how to get more clients (and help more people) by using subtle PR WITHOUT pushy sales tactics that repel people. You’ll be excited and ready for the next step!


This is essential—please don’t skip it! You must keep this front of mind: I’ll teach you how to be the solution. You won’t be using blog posts, articles, videos, or newsletter content to “sell” anything..BUT you will have the capacity to make a significant difference in your market and make more money. Everything dovetails off of the simple phrase, “Be the solution.”




Flip your communication.

In order to increase your revenue and improve relationships with your prospects and reporters and influencers who cover your niche, you have to shift the focus off of YOU and onto your ideal audience.

I was a radio news reporter and news director for 10 years.


News decisionmakers don’t want to hear that you want to reach the masses (they’ll tell you to call the sales department and pay for an ad). BUT, if you have something newsworthy that affects their ideal audience, they are happy to be the conduit to the public. The result: An interview, a profile story, and “free press.” Your story becomes so important—and is perceived differently by the public than a paid advertisement or commercial because of 3rd party validation. The reporter deemed your story as valuable that you didn’t have to advertise.


Remember, news reporters were PEOPLE first:


  • They have feelings.


  • They appreciate when people genuinely “help” them—with timely, relevant and compelling stories.


  • They appreciate manners. Yes, saying “thank you” is required even if your pitch is turned down.


  • They don’t like “newsroom “pests.” Translation: Don’t pitch irrelevant, self-serving stories (like your new website re-design) and make unreasonable demands.


Like everything in business, it’s critical to build relationships, even with hard-nosed—and sometimes grumpy—journalists.




To flip your communication, think about the core of your business and why you started it. Answer the following questions, BUT don’t focus on your business plan, jargon-filled mission statements or “cutesy” stuff.


Think like the recipient—your ideal audience. Remember, the reporter is the conduit, connection and vehicle to the public.


  • WHY did you start your company?
  • What expertise do you have that helps others?
  • List three problems that you solve for customers—or three products that help ease someone else’s day/life.




  • Write down one project or activity you would like the public to know about…maybe it’s a discount program, special offer, your new book, a coaching program, or a recent award.


  • Now, take yourself out of the mix. Write down five relevant things that people MUST know about this “news.” How will it HELP them? How does it impact their lives?


  • Reframe it by removing yourself out of the mix. Flip your communication; it’s all about What benefits does your news bring to the public? Why should they care?


I’ll be covering more on this during our LIVE Facebook training tonight! So, join us at 7 PM CENTRAL/8 EASTERN. I’m thinking the Live sessions will be 15-20 minutes or so.


That’s it, Day 1 is in the books. Just head over to Facebook and leave a comment in our group.


Many thanks!




Susan Young

Award-winning news reporter, PR entrepreneur, storyteller and speaker

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