“Susan helped us define the value of our stories so we can present them to the right audience at the right time, plus capitalize on current trends in the news.”—Theresa Leinker, Director, Marketing and Events, Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation, Mountainside, NJ.

“I’m thrilled I had the opportunity to ask my PR questions to an expert. I learned some ultra-valuable lessons and methods from your teachings and already put them into action. As a result, I have seen immediate and fantastic achievement. Thank you!”—Dr. Michael Mercer, Chicago, Illinois.

“Funny, entertaining and to the point. You can’t help being energized by Susan’s presentation.”—Francoise Luca, AT&T, San Antonio, Texas.

“Susan is one of today’s authorities who really understands strong content and social media. She knows how to connect, provide exceptional value, build credibility and cultivate relationships. This puts you in a position to connect with decision-makers you might never have had the opportunity to meet previously. Yes, it’s up to you to cultivate that relationship…but Susan can help you get there a lot faster and a lot more effectively.”—Bob Burg, speaker and co-author of The Go-Giver.