10 everyday decisions for social media success

Verrazano Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Every day, we make hundreds of decisions. Most are so mundane that we don’t even think about them. Things like hitting the snooze button, what shoes to wear, which bathroom stall to enter. I would hope that our business decisions take a bit more consideration.

What decisions and choices can you make daily that will impact your social media relationships, activities, and business results?

 Here are 10 ideas:

  1. Decide to stretch yourself. Mentally and emotionally. The results will appear in every area of your life, including online.
  2. Decide to join a new chat or online group that can help you learn more about your industry.
  3. Decide to share useful information from someone else, because it’s that good.
  4. Decide to explore (and even try) new technology that’s relevant to your work. 
  5. Decide to listen and observe more than you type. It’s OK to be a fly on the social media wall.
  6. Decide to work your lists, categorizing people with mutual interests and industries, and getting rid of those who you never interact with. You know, the retired lady in Montana who quilts and posts pictures of her grandbabies. She may not be the best fit for your business.
  7. Decide to respond to every comment or post on your blog or profile pages, and write meaningful and relevant comments on other posts and walls. This does not mean, “Great post, I really liked it.”  Decide that mediocrity is for someone else.
  8. Decide to think and add value to every interaction.  Hint: This also works IRL.
  9. Decide to find your voice.  If you want to be a mime, go to the French Quarter in New Orleans.
  10. Decide to be the most enthusiastic, sincere, and helpful person in the world.

Bonus: Decide to use this checklist as a map for the new year.


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