7 Ways to Be a Kickass Blogger

Brooklyn dishes building editedWhen it comes to blogging and creating content, clarity trumps confusion.

Some bloggers have been posting for years. But for most, being a blogger means you’re wearing a hat that may bring discomfort.

Blogging is a relatively new communication medium. Too many people are unclear about what it takes to become a successful blogger.

Here are 7 ways for you to become a kick-ass blogger:

  1. Kick-ass bloggers are clear on their expertise, niche, and passion. They don’t panic and lie awake at night trying to figure out their niche. They know they are the sum of all their experiences. They look at their professional and personal journeys and know what instinctively feels right. Lack of passion leads to lack of clarity, which brings on mental chaos, confusion, self-doubt, and sometimes therapy.


2. Kick-ass bloggers write when they feel inspired and compelled to share a powerful message that’s worthy of someone else’s time. If they feel like they need the structure of an editorial calendar, they use one. If they feel “trapped” by a calendar with topics, they don’t bother with it. They trust their gut.

3. Kick-ass bloggers who aren’t professional writers are OK with that. They are conversational. They don’t get rattled  over grammar and style. They write from the heart; in their own voice and personality. Being a layman doesn’t stop them from participating.

4. Kick-ass bloggers look back at where they began and are proud of their persistence. They realize that the only way to be a kick-ass blogger is to keep practicing and improving. Their mantra: “Just keep writing.” They are keenly aware that it takes a long time to get noticed.

5. Kick-ass bloggers have soul. They watch for lessons in life and those light bulb moments that lead to wordsmithing, editing, critical thinking skills, organization, and expression. They create content that moves, educates, informs, and entertains people because they are willing to show their own humanity.

6. Kick-ass bloggers understand that comments, or lack of, may mean something, but it doesn’t mean the end of the world.  They know deep down inside that as they continue to write and attract readers, the comments will follow.

7. Kick-ass bloggers have studied and learned what their audience wants. They are clear in their role as a blogger. They relate to their community. They engage with all kinds of people and personalities.  They follow prestigious and well-known bloggers. They offer meaningful comments. They guest post. They analyze stats and traffic. They follow trends, know keywords, are aware of the importance of strong headlines and titles, and so much more. In the end, they consistently deliver.

They have earned the title of kickass blogger. Have you? Or are you still nervously biting your nails wondering why three people unsubscribed from your RSS feed yesterday?

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