9 comment on “7 ways to reinvent old blog posts
  1. Brilliant post, Susan! The last thing you want to do is delete old posts as they can act as link juice for the search engines. The age of pages on your website or blog acts heavily in your search engine rankings.

    Instead of deleting them, re-purposing them (as you outlined) is a great way to get that content noticed – without reinventing the wheel.

    I would also add that you should add a call to action (CTA) on those older posts so that, when someone finds it, they have an opportunity to further engage with your business or blog. This way, you are turning those lost visitors into conversion.

  2. Great ideas for repurposing old posts. I’m always on the lookout for new article ideas and older posts I feel didn’t get the attention they deserved when first written. Thanks for the suggestions. I printed your article and have it hanging on my wall. 🙂

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