How Negative Self-Talk Derails Your Real Business Story

Welcome to Friday’s Front Porch Video series.

Transcript: Hey there, it’s Susan Young, and guess where I’m at and guess where I will be every Friday. On the front porch. The videos are returning and they will be consistent so I can deliver some great messages to you guys every Friday. I’ll find something during the week that’s interesting to talk about and share with you every Friday. Promise. In fact, I have an accountability partner to make sure that I’m delivering every Friday!

My message today is about something that I heard on the “Speaker Success Podcast.” It’s from a woman named Teena Everett. I’ve never heard her speak before. She said we get so attached to our story. A few hours later at a networking meeting, I heard a similar thing from two other people, but from a different perspective. This time it felt more like a therapy session…which I’m kind of used to for a lot of different reasons.

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But what I know is that we have to dig deep into ourselves to find our stories. Usually what I talk about is that we are telling ourselves stories that don’t serve us well. That’s why we get caught up and tangled up in trying to find your own story, your own voice…in business. Being able to find a good story that you can share with somebody during a thirty second intro or at a business networking event or even a family member who doesn’t understand what you do with social media….We get tangled up with the stories and things that don’t work for us. We are listening to an unrelenting soundtrack in our heads 24/7 and the stories aren’t helpful.


We need to move away from those stories and construct a new story. Something that is going to highlight our strengths, abilities and talents and how they relate to other people. So, we can highlight our talents, but it always has to be about the results that we get for other people, our ideal audience.

We must  lower the volume on the “crap” that we’ve been telling ourselves that we’ve heard all our lives. You know: “Joey was always a better piano player. I’m no good at soccer, Red doesn’t look good on me, I’m a terrible driver in New York City.” All of this nonsense that we need to let go of because it’s getting in our way.

Think about what stories you’re telling yourself. Just being aware of the narrative in your head is going to make a huge difference as you try to dig out the new story. The one that’s going to serve you and your business well, and ultimately…the goal is to serve your clients well. Think about that. I’ll have more in the coming days and weeks.

Thanks for watching.


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