How Peaceful Moments—and Routines—Improve Communication

Is it time for you to change up your routines and habits? A few small tweaks may be all it takes. Today’s Front Porch Video offers insights, tips and a bit about what I listen to on my morning walks.  (3:43)


TRANSCRIPT: Hey there, it’s Susan and no, I’m not on the front porch, things look a little different. I’m in New Jersey and on the back deck actually for this video. Thanks for joining me.  I wanted to share with you a little bit about morning routines and habits.


I just did an interview with someone for a blog post. We talked about the importance of having routines because they really do impact how we communicate. This gentleman, for instance, was saying that every morning when he wakes up, he spends the first 50 minutes of his day without technology or the TV. The same with the last 50 minutes before he goes to sleep— he’s electronics free. I think we could all learn a lesson from that.

No cell phones, no television, no checking email. He says our electronics and information overload can  ruin your sleep at night or it can kind of set the tone for an awful day in the morning.  Having routines that are going to fuel your energy both mentally and physically are important.

I just loved how he was talking about how he does this every day. This is what his life is about. I think we can all learn from it because it does affect how we communicate. When somebody says: “Oh gee, it’s raining again,” or “Boy, the weather’s really terrible.” Look, we’re not going to melt, we’re ok. Yes, it’s raining again, but we need the rain. Look, I’m not the happy, peppy, cheerleader I might seem to be, but, it does affect the way that we communicate and the way we come across to other people.

Think about your routines, and how you might be able to insert a bit more positivity into your life by doing small things, like this gentleman was saying. He takes a walk every day and he exercises. He does Tae Kwon Do a few days a week and spends a lot of time with his kids. Our lives will be more meaningful and more important and relevant in the big picture versus checking email before you go to sleep or waking up to some crummy news.

One of the things I do most mornings is walk for an hour. I usually listen to a podcast; something for professional development and business. This morning here in New Jersey, I had my music and earbuds in. Last night, there was a lot of rain and this morning the skies cleared beautifully. As I’m enjoying the nice blue skies and Aerosmith blasting in my earbuds, I noticed some moisture and rain drops on the green blades of grass. I took the ear buds out because I didn’t want to hear Aerosmith. I just stopped for 20 or 30 seconds and took a pause, taking in the silence and the fresh air to get grounded and centered and. I looked at the water, the dew, just glistening on the grass. It was just a really pretty moment and I’m thinking in that time, everything is ok. Everything is just simply perfect. Had I missed that moment, my day might have started off on a different note. I’m sure you’ve had days when you wake up in the morning on “the wrong side of the bed”….. Sometimes my husband used to say, I woke up on the wrong side of town.

But in that moment, I was centered and mindful. That moment of seeing the water on those blades of grass during my morning walk and knowing to take out the earbuds. I didn’t want to hear Aerosmith blasting in my ears for those few seconds. Being centered and peaceful in a simple few moments DOES change the way that you communicate during the day. So, that’s my message for you today from the back deck. If you have anything, a part of your day, a routine that you would like to share, write it in the comments and tell us about the successes that have worked for you so others can learn from it, too.


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