How to Connect with the Readers on Your Blog

funny facesWriting your blog is an excellent way to connect with people. It can help to build your credibility as an expert in your field, generate a loyal following in Social Media, and share value and insights with others. You may find it’s much easier to connect and engage with people in person or with short Tweets on Twitter. Writing can be a challenge.

I’ve been writing for 25 years. Here are a 3 quick tips to engage people with your blog posts.

1. Be yourself. Write the way that you speak and avoid “talking down to your reader.”  People enjoy  authenticity more than a stage show.

2. Bring your reader into the post. Ask questions like: “What do you think?” or “What about you?” Connect them to the point of your message. Bring it full circle to get them engaged: thinking, feeling, reacting and involved.

3. Reveal something. While being professional, it’s perfectly fine and recommended to give readers a peek into your personality. Show a brief example of a situation that brings your message home. It can be a quote from your favorite grandparent, a holiday ritual that ties into your theme or a lesson you’ve learned on your journey.

Blogs are your personal podium and microphone that allow you to offer your unique views, expressions and insights. The words will come easier when you write from the heart. Can you do it? Can you be yourself? Remember, when you are genuine, you’ll never make a mistake!

(Photo Credit: Samborowski)


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