The #1 Challenge Facing Millennials in the Workforce

Professor Kevin Freeman has his finger on the pulse of college students who are learning communication skills. We talked recently about this new generation and the greatest challenge they face as they enter the workforce.



“The biggest hurdle this millennial generation is facing is that they are not recognizing the significance in the job market of effective communication. And that is because a lot of them spend a lot of time engaged in cell phone activity, and computers. Perhaps they’re not as interactive when it comes to face-to-face meetings and discussions. But they all have the ability and talent to bring it forth. It’s a matter of dipping in and finding out their real skills. What happens is that a lot of the students have not had the opportunity at the high school level or early on in their careers here in college to provide them with the kind of communication skills they need to move forward in the professional community they are going to be part of.

It’s very interesting that there have here’s been surveys done around college campuses and they always speak about how important effective communication will be in the workforce. I’m looking at it in this classroom with 24 students who all will need effective communication skills in the future.”


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