The #1 Challenge Facing Millennials in the Workforce

Professor Kevin Freeman has his finger on the pulse of college students who are learning communication skills. We talked recently about this new generation and the greatest challenge they face as they enter the workforce.



“The biggest hurdle this millennial generation is facing is that they are not recognizing the significance in the job market of effective communication. And that is because a lot of them spend a lot of time engaged in cell phone activity, and computers. Perhaps they’re not as interactive when it comes to face-to-face meetings and discussions. But they all have the ability and talent to bring it forth. It’s a matter of dipping in and finding out their real skills. What happens is that a lot of the students have not had the opportunity at the high school level or early on in their careers here in college to provide them with the kind of communication skills they need to move forward in the professional community they are going to be part of.

It’s very interesting that there have here’s been surveys done around college campuses and they always speak about how important effective communication will be in the workforce. I’m looking at it in this classroom with 24 students who all will need effective communication skills in the future.”


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  1. This is an interesting take on our next wave of leadership coming out of the college ranks. These students are learning to multitask in a whole new manner, and the online platform is the focus of their abilities to multitask. So how do we harness those skills students are they using in the digital context and help them translate them into the business community. Will the business community of tomorrow capitalize on those digital communication skills? After teaching in the college ranks for the last two years…I have learned there are some smart, bright leaders and some smart, bright followers. It is us to us as professional communicators to interact and educate the next wave of human capital. Their is so much value having seasoned business professionals enter the college classrooms (and even the highschool classrooms) to teach and empower students with practical business communication skills. I think University of Phoenix says it well in their latest commercial:

    it is 2010 and everything is different
    different jobs
    different challenges
    different opportunities
    so why would universities stay the same
    what if an education could adapt for the time we live in
    and i am not just talking about 2010, but beyond it
    adjusting curriculim to serve ever changing job markets
    hiring faculty who are still working in the fields they teach
    and using new technologies to enhance learning
    if an education could adapt to the way the world works today
    could that same education help the world to adapt
    to work better tomorrow
    university of phoenix
    because an educated world is a better world

    I like the words from this commercial! Just my humble response to Professor Freeman’s video.

    1. Hi Bobby-
      Did you know that Univ. of Phoenix text by heart??! I come from a family of teachers and have to agree that schools and colleges can benefit from the business perspective in the classroom. The current vacuum that exists is frightening at best. If you’ve read Linchpin by Seth Godin, his rant on the mindset of the education system and leaders in it is right on target.
      Looking forward to keeping in touch through Twitter and #imcchat ~

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