The Top 10 Reasons You Need Chutzpah in PR

Me and Bill Cosby 2001This was a first. I went onto and looked up the Yiddush word “Chutzpah.” Moses and my grandma are probably both turning over. Here’s what I found:
khoot-spuh, hoot–  noun Slang . 1. unmitigated effrontery or impudence; gall.
2. audacity; nerve. Also, hutzpah.
I’ll agree with all of the above. When I was growing up, I heard countless relatives using the word “Chutzpah” with their deep, throaty emphasis on the CH.  Used in a sentence, “You’ve got some Chutzpah, leaving the table without helping with the dishes.”
And yes, in Public Relations, Chutzpah is a  job requirement. Any PR pro (maven) worth their salt understands this.
Here are Top 10 Reasons You Need Chutzpah in PR:
10. It beats wearing a yarmulke (skullcap) when chasing reporters in a fierce windstorm with the hope of getting a 3 second sound bite for your client.
9. If you don’t have it, your competition will.
8. Your client expects it. How else can you get him on Oprah?
7. You have to tell your fellow alumni at the college reunion you majored in something in grad school. Chutzpah is a 300 level class. Very impressive.
6. It comes in handy to avoid family functions you prefer not to attend–“Sorry, Aunt Harriet, breaking news. PR’s a crazy business. I’ll be here for your 91st next year!”
5. You have to put your name on the press release, pitch or blog; this better be good or your credibility is tanked.
4. You somehow manage to always be “on the other side” of the security barricade, rubbing elbows with the VIP’s and men in dark suits who talk into their sleeves.
3. When your boss or new client shrieks, “How much money do you want?!!” – you don’t back pedal or cower. You smile. It’s hard to speak when you’re biting your tongue.
2. You can read the paper, watch TV, monitor the Internet, and use all the greatest gadgets on company time–must stay connected (wink, wink).
1. It’s the main ingredient in the recipe for PR success. (Matzah) Balls—a close second.
Hmmm, “Communicating with Chutzpah”, I wonder if that URL is available…
(Photo: Me and Bill Cosby backstage at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC, 2001, refer to #4 above)


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